Marinksy is a young Croatian artist who specializes in photo editing, painting, and animation.
Here you can see some of her artwork. I picked a few of my favorites, but she has way more to offer than what I posted here.

If you’d like to support her, please follow her on:





She also made illustrations and cover art for my novel, Five years alone in space (, for which I’m grateful. She was a delight to work with, and since I’m an indie writer, her support meant the world.


I wrote a book!

Finally, I did it. I wrote a book and self-published it. And I have no idea what to do now.
It’s a Sci-Fi horror-mystery novel about Ivan, a guy who decides to be the first person ever to spend five years alone in a spaceship. But when he starts hearing noises, he thinks that maybe, he’s not alone after all.
Who could be traveling with him? And why won’t the stowaway answer his questions?

The story explores themes of guilt, fear, loneliness, and deception.
How would you cope with years of solitude?

The book is currently available on Amazon:

e-book –

paperback –

Here is a promotional video made by giovannihani from Fiverr.