The power of binge

Binge [binj]


a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence, as in eating, drinking alcoholic beverages, etc.; spree.



I love binge-watching TV series. In my humble opinion, binge-watching is way better than waiting for a new episode each week. There’s nothing like spending endless hours in a fantasy world, forgetting your problems and knowing that no cliff-hanger has any power over you.

When I finally succumbed to the online peer-pressure and decided to watch Game of Thrones, I had quite a few episodes to catch up with. It was time for the binge-gods to take over my life and mould me into a semi-functioning procrastinator for a few weeks. I won’t lie, it was glorious.


Recently, a trailer for the last season of Game of Thrones was released, and I’m hyped… but not for the series. I’m hyped for the new GoT memes. My excitement for the series ended when my binge-watching was over and I was forced to wait a week before each episode of the previous season.

It’s not the show’s fault, it’s completely my fault (It’s not you, it’s me! I swear!). I should have waited longer before I started watching. In my opinion, there’s a sweet spot when it comes to watching TV shows. There are a few types of TV show viewers:

  1. You have the early birds, who enjoyed the first few seasons when it was all new. They are the original fans, the ones who’ll later enjoy watching their friend’s reactions to the first season. Yes, including those sadistic individuals who’ll laugh when you try to guess what will happen or even worse, some of them will give out spoilers. Later, you can usually hear them complaining how it all went bad after the (insert season here), and that they’re not happy with this-and-that in the new seasons.
  2. Then you have the mainstream folks who start watching to see what the big deal is. They’ll jump in and enjoy feeling like part of the group. When it comes to GoT, I guess you can put me in a late stage of this group. If you really want to watch everything from the beginning, there will have to be some binge-watching involved. The downside is – it can be awkward to switch to waiting for the new episodes. And suddenly, you’ll realize that the memes which you previously couldn’t understand, weren’t even that funny.
  3. There’s the sweet spot in time and space when you start bingeing just early enough to be really hyped about the last season and to enjoy the big finale with the fans. That’s what I call getting the best of both worlds. It’s like really enjoying the New Year’s Eve party and then stopping the wild drinking and dancing to count down until midnight, along with everybody else. It wouldn’t be right to start loudly counting down three hours earlier – you’d eventually get tired of it.
  4. There’s a sad group of people who start watching after it’s all done. Yes, they get to binge-watch the whole thing… but just imagine someone arriving at a party when everyone is already passed out on the floor, sleeping. Yes, they won’t have to share the booze, but where’s the excitement?


My biggest problem with switching from binge-watching to regular watching is that I just don’t feel sucked into that world anymore. If there isn’t a big group of people reacting to each episode, I think I would just give up the series. That’s what happened to me when I started watching Supernatural. After I stopped bingeing, I tried watching for a few weeks, but eventually just gave up and forgot about the whole thing. And when I went online, there weren’t memes about the show everywhere, to keep me interested.

It’s probably because I forget what it was that I really liked in the previous episode. What was so emotional then, after a week doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Sure, it was very sad when Daario Naharis lost his beloved pet rock, but after a week… well… surely he got over it, right? No?

What are your opinions on binge-watching?

Deeper meaning

For a while now, I’ve been struggling to find an answer to the question – is there any meaning to the dream which haunts me for almost a year now.


It was April of 2018 when I had one of those depressing days when the future seemed gloom, and the past looked like an exhibit of forgotten desires and hopes. And while in that mood, I decided to look for hope in the one place I like to visit often: my dreams.

I already had a couple of situations in my life when my dreams spoke to me and advised me in a way, I guess. Sometimes they seemingly warned me of what was about to happen. For example, after I had a dream that my grandmother died, I woke up to the bad news – she was gone. But she was ill for a long time before that so you could argue that the nightmare was inspired by her illness. However, there were a couple of situations when I couldn’t have known what was about to happen and the dreams somehow hinted at it, like when I had a dream that I was in America, and later that day I was completely unexpectedly offered a trip to the USA.


So, when I was having that bad day in April of ’18 before I went to sleep, I thought this to myself:

“Dear subconscious mind, please give me an answer. Should I try harder to fit in?”

I repeated the question a couple of times and went to sleep.

That night I had a dream that I was so desperately lonely, that I was willing to do anything to stop the loneliness. It was one of the worst feelings I ever had, I still remember the horror of it.


But when I think back about it, I can’t understand if the dream was telling me to do what I can to avoid ending up alone or if it was showing me the worst (im)possible outcome (which surely can’t happen in real life) to show me that my fear doesn’t hold merit. Maybe it had no meaning and maybe my brain activity during the night triggered random things, and I ended up having that horrible dream for no reason at all. I don’t know what to think.

I am a curious person, and I always like to look for a hidden meaning in things. I made a video demonstrating the process.





Demonstrating my superpower

What is it, that makes us different? What defines us to the other people? Would we be proud of it, if we were aware of it?

How different is my sense of self – from the person the rest of the world would see, if they carefully observed me? And how much does it depend on me, or the observer?


I know one thing that makes me different, and I made a short video to show you. I can lift a water bottle with my telekinetic ability, but is that really what defines me in this world? If no one else can do it, does that mean that this is all I am to the people around me?

For those long walks…

Hello there!

Today I am drinking some Ceylon Tea, to make sure I don’t nap while working. What inspires me today is the fact that even though I don’t know if all the work will ever pay off, there’s some even excitement in the idea of epically failing.

Working without any sense of security is a little like gambling, it’s kind of addicting. The idea that I could stop at any time, and return to what some would call the real world, used to be something that would allow me to sleep at night, but I changed. I realised that nobody could possibly be happy saying: “Oh, well. I guess my dreams won’t come true after all. I guess it’s time to settle down and shut the heck up.”

Now I’m well aware that I’ll never completely give up. When it comes to dreams, things you really want, it’s impossible to calmly shrug and say: “I’ve tried it all and failed, it’s time to move on and forget about it.” There will always be a part of me, screeching in the back of my mind, yelling out that I didn’t try hard enough. I tried ignoring that annoying voice, but whenever I did, things turned out badly.

The thing is, even though I’m far from achieving what I set out to do, every small step feels like a step forward, even when I don’t really know where I’ll end up in the end. When I ignored the voice and did what I thought was expected of me, I felt like I was walking, constantly walking, moving my feet up and down… but never really going anywhere. And I always preferred long walks in the forest, over the dull treadmill exercises.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath, and have a lovely day 🙂

The beginning…

What helps me get up in the morning and be productive? Well, a cup of tea can’t hurt, as well as some nice music. And if I stop to think about my failures or my future endeavours, I can’t help but laugh, and laugh, and laugh…

Let the sun shine in, take a deep breath, and sometimes just don’t think too much. Then again, I’m just a grounded future spaceman, so what do I know.

I made a little video to celebrate my recent progress.

I hope you all have a lovely day/evening/night/whatever!